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Our Pricing

All our services are affordably priced

Papa Joes offers good quality barber services at affordable prices in and around the Chandler AZ area. Led by a Papa Joe and son Joey Lazzara you will feel the genuine care and service you would expect from a true barber shop. Papa Joe has had some of the same customers for over 40 years and many say they will be customers for life. If you have any questions please Get in touch with us and we will gladly answer any questions!

Service Price
Basic HairCut $16.00
Special Cut $20.00
Razor Cut $19.00
Beard Trim $8.00
Goatee $5.00
FlatTop $17.00
Ladies $18.00
Shampoo $8.00
Style $27.00
Shave $16.00

50 years of experience and Customer Service

Papa Joe has been cutting hair for 50 years in Italy, Chicago and Arizona.

We will be updating the site soon with more information on the special services we offer.

Do you want something unique? Papa Joe has a knack for sculpting designs into your hair. Whether it be the Cardinals mascot, your team jersey number or an American flag for Independence Day, Papa Joe can do it all. Check out a few articles on his creations on the site.

Friends, Family and Fun

Every time you come into Papa Joes you will be greeted by the same barbers. Don’t be surprised to run into the same fellow customers every time to visit as well! As you wait a few minutes for your turn, you can sit back and relax as you catch the latest sports highlights or game on one of the two big screens.



Papa Joe's Barbershop is committed to reaching out to others in the community. Check out some of the articles on recent charity events that we have participated in.

Here If you have a charity that you would like to see us get involved in, please let us know. We are active in the communuty and are always looking for ways to help our neighbors.


Contact us with your needs.